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If You’re Not Feeling Like Yourself

We Can Help

Dr. Joey Vance has a deep understanding of neurological imbalances, and for over 10 years
has been helping his patients get back to feeling like themselves again.


Come in and experience a
comprehensive in-depth appointment
to get to the bottom of things.


Follow your personalized treatment plan.
Relief is right around the corner.


Soon enough you are feeling back to yourself and back to the things you love.

Get Back To Yourself – The Plan

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Follow Your Plan

Follow your specialized plan and
begin to feel better soon.

Enjoy Your Health

With our guidance and your follow-through,
you will experience optimal health.

After just one visit and completing the recommended therapy Dr. Vance prescribed, I was seeing results and my headaches and nausea began to fade more and more with each visit…

Vertigo? Dizzy? I was!! For 4 1/2 months! I was feeling pretty discouraged and tired of all the Meclizine that my family doctor recommended. A friend suggested Dr. Vance and I was willing to give him a try..with no great expectations…and WOW!!! 1 TREATMENT and I was cured.

After a couple visits, I noticed extra movement without pain. After only a few weeks I am back to normal with extra energy and more movement than before the wreck.

Patients names withheld for privacy

What Makes Us Different

Our F3 Balance and The Neuro Bio Muscular Matrix gives us a comprehensive look at where you are
and how to move you from pain and imbalance to feeling like yourself again.

What If You Didn’t Make Your Appointment Today?

What will you miss if you continue
on the way you are?

What if you do nothing and
you get worse?

How much longer can you put your health on the backburner?

Dr. Joey Vance

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