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Do you take insurance?

Everyone’s insurance plan is different, so it’s important to let us know who your insurance company is, so we can check if they will be providing any support.

Typically we are in network with these providers (still have us check)

American Specialty Health Network (ASHN)
Do I have to go to the chiropractor forever?

While some patients do come see the doctor for monthly or quarterly visits, it is not necessary to continually make visits to the office. Because the focus of care is on active rehabilitation rather than passive therapies, patients are involved in their care and receive better, longer lasting results. Dr. Vance looks to be more than a crutch for his patients. World class chiropractic and functional neurological care help to make long-lasting impacts among his patients.

Is it normal to have pain after a treatment?

Yes, it is possible to experience some pain and soreness following treatment. This is similar to soreness following a massage and varies from person to person. It usually subsides after the first several treatments. Many people will notice immediate improvements in their pain and mobility following treatment, and will not experience any residual soreness.

Do I have to get my neck cracked?

Dr. Vance has been safely adjusting necks using his hands for nearly a decade, but some patients are understandably nervous about having their neck be manually adjusted. He has a variety of techniques to treat the cervical region without a forceful manual adjustment, including soft tissue work, deep tissue laser therapy, and instrument-based adjustments. If you are nervous about your neck being adjusted, share this with him. He will happily use a different approach and discuss your care options.

What is the benefit of laser therapy?

Our office offers Deep Tissue Laser Therapy from LightForce™. This is an extremely effective therapy for musculoskeletal and nerve pain. Your cells have mitochondria which are the powerhouse of the cell. These mitochondria are directly stimulated by certain near-infrared light. This means more energy is made by the cells. The laser therapy is applied with a wand directly to the skin. Patients experience a soothing warmth, and most people feel noticeable pain relief. Because laser therapy stimulates the cells directly, it can profoundly speed up recovery time.

What is the first visit like?

The first visit is a great opportunity to see if Dr. Vance can help you and if you are a good candidate for care. After a detailed history is obtained and you share your goals of care, we will know if you are a good match. Once we decide you’re a good match, a thorough neurological and orthopedic evaluation are performed along with special care to your areas of complaints. Treatments are done same day and are focused on pain relief. Dr. Vance employs soft tissue techniques and gentle adjustments for most clients on day one. So that you are not rushed through, we set aside an hour and half for our new patient visits. 

Follow ups and care plan?

Getting better takes time, effort and yes, some money. In order to speed up results and save you money, most of our patients are encouraged to perform regular neurological and orthopedic exercises. These exercises are customized per your findings and specific goals. Some patients may need to make changes to their diets too. This can be challenging at times. Patients who fully commit to working with the doctor and following his guidance, often see great results. They get over longstanding chronic pains, or are able to return to a long-lost hobby. Ultimately the care plan is focused on the needs and specific goals of the patient. Dr. Vance wants what you want—to find a solution to your aches in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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