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“Dr. Vance was able to help me with bad back and hip pain after a car accident when no one else could. I was about to give up but he wouldn’t quit until he figured out a way to help me. I’m so thankful for his knowledge and his persistence.”

 “I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Vance after experiencing dizziness through out my day and motion sickness while riding and driving my car. It kept getting worse and worse and I was feeling desperate for help. After just one visit and completing the recommended therapy Dr Vance prescribed, I was seeing results and my headaches and nausea began to fade more and more with each visit. I appreciated that he listened to me and answered ALL my questions. I definitely recommend him to all my friends!”

“Vertigo? Dizzy? I was!! For 4 1/2 months! I was feeling pretty discouraged and tired from all the Meclizine that my family doctor recommended. A friend suggested Dr. Vance and I was willing to give him a try..with no great expectations…and WOW!!! 1 TREATMENT and I was cured. I wasn’t able to roll over in bed, dry my feet after getting out of the shower or even drive my car. It was severe. The office staff were fabulous as well as the doctor. I can’t express enough what a difference he made. My only regret….I should have seen him 4 months earlier!”

 “I was rear ended around Halloween but did not notice any problems caused by the wreck until a month later. I looked around for a chiropractor and found Joey Vance. After a couple visits I noticed extra movement without pain. After only a few weeks I am back to normal with extra energy and more movement than before the wreck. I would like to thank Joey for the extraordinary results.”

“Dr. Joey worked with me and just after a few times. I followed what he said to do and started noticing dramatic results!”

 “I couldn’t walk after my son was born and was experiencing excruciating pain around my tailbone. Because of this, Dr Vance came to my home and after two sessions I was fully recovered. My pain has never relapsed. He is kind and understanding, he took time to really listen to me and assess my issue. He has since treated me for sciatic pain during pregnancy. He is great and I HIGHLY recommend him.”

“I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered hip, back and neck injuries. And because of the pain these injuries were causing me, they prevented me from accomplishing regular daily tasks and activities.
After the first couple sessions with Dr. Vance, I started noticing a change; not just in the reduction of pain, but my balance, sleeping patterns and mood were improving. Now after 3 1/2 months of treatment, I feel re-energized, pain is gone and I am now able to conquer my daily life without feeling pain or exhaustion.
If your are suffering from back, neck, hip, etc. pain, I highly recommend you visit doc Vance. His method of treatment is like non other! Plus, he truly cares for his patients.”

 “We love Dr Joey! He is able to get our family in quickly and is great at explaining what he is doing and why. Incredibly thorough.”

 “It’s been a while since I’ve been to a chiropractor; I’ve had a couple too many slightly more aggressive adjustments than I was seeking. But my neck had been jacked since December, and massage wasn’t clearing it up. Dr. Vance has got some really decent skills: his chiropractic adjustments were gentle as a kitten, and the neuro component of which DACNB refers, seems to offer a great deal more understanding on his part of what’s going on with physical maladies on my part. He offered the short story and long story of the way the visit would progress, and damn if he didn’t spend a great deal of time with me to answer my questions and allay my concerns. The adjustments have held well beyond my just getting to my car, which is a very good thing. I’ve made another appointment for a week or so, more about quality of life than physical grievances this time. I’m really grateful for his work!”

“Great Chiropractor. Dr. Vance really cares and listens. I’ve been to a lot, I know. If you’re dealing with a health concern you haven’t found resolution for – schedule a consult here. You’re lucky to have him in your town.”

 “All of my life I have had chiropractic care. When I was introduced to Dr. Joey Vance and Chiropractic Functional Neuropathy, I was intrigued by the approach. I have found it to be highly effective. The stability in my neck and shoulders has been improved as a result of treatment. My entire body is more stable, holding the adjustments. I have found Dr. Vance to be very attentive and responsive to whatever I have to say at an appointment. He definitely cares about his patients. I recommend his services.”

“The office staff were fabulous as well as the doctor.”

“Dr. Vance has since treated me for sciatic pain during pregnancy. I appreciated that he listened to me and answered ALL my questions.”

Patient names withheld for privacy.

Dr. Joey Vance

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